Daily Archives: July 1, 2013

Nova API extensions not to be ported to V3

Some of the API extensions which exist in the Nova V2 API are not being ported to the V3 API. The general guideline is that if the extension is just acting as a proxy for another OpenStack service and that same functionality can be requested by the client to that other service, then the extension is not required for V3. An example of this is the os-volumes extension where identical functionality can be requested directly through Cinder.

The list of extensions proposed not to be ported to the V3 API are:

  • baremetal_nodes.py
  • cloudpipe.py
  • cloudpipe_update.py
  • createserverext.py
  • extended_virtual_interfaces_net.py
  • floating_ip_dns.py
  • floating_ip_pools.py
  • floating_ips_bulk.py
  • floating_ips.py
  • networks_associate.py
  • os_networks.py
  • os_tenant_networks.py
  • security_group_default_rules.py
  • security_group_rules.py (except for servers extension part)
  • virtual_interfaces.py
  • volumes.py (except for volume attach part)

If you believe that any of these extensions really do need to be ported to the V3 API then please send an email to the OpenStack Development development mailing list. There is an existing discussion thread on the mailing list here.

The canonical list of the extensions which will ported and those which won’t is on the OpenStack Etherpad.